My Experiences with Suppliers/Manufacturers

My Experiences with Suppliers/Manufacturers

Here is a list of all of the suppliers and manufacturers that I have used, where they are based, what they do, what I have ordered from them and whether or not I recommend placing an order. For printing, pins, stickers and other junk. (Moq is short for Minimum Order Quantity)


Catprint: Based in US. They have extremely low order minimum requirements and offer some really cool added things like foil and holographic effects. I ordered gold foil prints from them and they are gorgeous. I've also ordered regular 8x10 prints which are great, they have so many paper options, including eco friendly ones which is a plus. Highly Recommend. Create an account with this link and get $10 off!

Lulu: Based in US & UK. They have a ton of book printing options, including print on demand services which I might try out. They give you the option to have your own barcode printed on the back and you can print words on the spine with the correct binding which is really cool. The only issue is that when I have ordered from them I had to format the books using adobe illustrator which I never use so I had to learn via YouTube. They might have updated their ordering process since then though, so still check it out. I've ordered 8x10 coloring books with both staple and perfect binding, and a lined notebook that I designed and I am very happy with all of them. I do highly recommend ordering a single copy first to make sure everything is formatted correctly before you place a big order for something. Recommend.

Vistaprint: Based in US with offices worldwide. I only ever buy business cards from here and they always look fantastic. Recommend.

Moo: Based in US. Their whole deal is that you can print a different image on the back of every single card for free. It is a really great concept but I did not take advantage of that, just using ONE design gives me anxiety. I have ordered business cards when they had a partnership deal with etsy and they were beautiful and I felt very fancy. Recommend.


The Studio: Offices located all over the globe. Perfect for beginners. Easy to use website so you can get an instant quote for how much it will cost with order updates sent to your profile every step of the way, plus they offer other items too like patches, socks, coins, etc. Places that have websites like this and wizardpins always cost more because of it. Also, in my experience they will have a representative call you and because they are paid commission they always try to get you to buy more shit (which is fine, I get it but just so you're aware). Recommended especially for beginners.

Chinalapelpins: Based in China. Costs less, with higher quality and they offer a lot of different options. Such as Glow in the dark, glitter, rainbow metal, screen printing, etc. The only downside is that they dont have a website, its all through email and PayPal. So if you've never made enamel pins before it might be a little intimidating, but I've only had positive experiences with them and a lot of artists that I admire use them as well. Highly Recommend.

Stadri Emblems: I do not recommend, I had a terrible experience with them. They did refund half of the cost, but it was a communications/trust issue and that is very important to me especially since I had never ordered from them before. Hard pass for me.


Ink it labs: Based in US. They only offer charms. Higher quality and low moq but limited options. Recommend.

Zapcreatives: Based in UK. They offer charms, pins, stickers and buttons. Great quality, low moq and tons of options such as glitter, glow in the dark, metallic, metal, etc. (They also have a separate company called "The Enamel Pin Factory" for enamel pins and patches but I've never ordered from them.) Highly Recommend.

Vograce: Based in China. They offer a ton of cute options such as charms, standees, pins, notebooks, totes, etc. I ordered holographic acrylic charms from them to make into earrings/keychains and they are beautiful! Highly Recommend.

Alchemymerch: Based in US? I've never ordered from them but they also have holographic acrylic. Plus offering other things like bags, socks, patches, washi tape, etc.


Rockin Monkey: Based in US. So, I order most of my stickers from them including all of my Darling Homebody Society stickers. They are super high quality, waterproof, dishwasher safe, and uv protected so you know they are going to look great for a long time. Their specialty options are great because you can tell them exactly which parts you want to have that special effect showing. Highly Recommend.  Highly Recommend.

Stickerninja: Based in US. The stickers I buy from here are the ones with a cracked/crystal holographic effect on them. They are a little pricey but its totally worth it. Plus its understandable since they are a small business they have higher overhead costs. Highly Recommend.

Zapcreatives: Based in UK. Especially great if you have a lot of different designs you want to print because even though the moq is 100, you can send multiple designs (it varies depending on how many you order). Recommend.

Sticker giant: Based in US. This is the first sticker company I've ever worked with. I ordered some really big sticker sheets and they were awesome. Then, the second time I went to place an order they said that the artwork had to be in vector format even though their website said they would set it up for you. I don't know if that person was just having a bad day or what, but they would not do it. So I haven't ordered from them since then, back in 2018. 


Everything Branded: Based in US. This is a company that will print anything on anything. Which is super fun, this is where I had the black velvet bags with silver screen printing done. They were super helpful and the bags are beautiful. Recommend.

Big Promotions: First off, I do not recommend. This is another one of those companies that print on everything under the sun. I ordered the magical girl coffee mugs from them and had a terrible time. The photos showed that the whole mug would have a rainbow effect and they did not. Most of them were only rainbow on one side, the other side just silver. The rest either had no rainbow effect or it was in a super weird spot like only on the handle. Then an additional issue was that the rainbow on one side mugs only had the word printed on that side half the time. I contacted them and they didn't seem very apologetic about it and instead of offering options, they asked me what to do about it. I only asked for a refund for enough money to buy decals so that the mugs were at least double sided. In retrospect I should have just sent them back but I had an entire live stream event planned just for these mugs and wanted to salvage it. Ugh never again. Do Not Recommend.

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