Welcome Stranger,

So you're interested in becoming a Darling Homebody Society Member, eh? Well you've made it to the right place. There are several options for Darlings of all persuasions. Take a look around and see if any of them are suitable for your needs or return at a later date. When you are ready to accept your fate we will be here, waiting...watching...breathing heavily...and trying to fish a rogue cat hair out of our mouths. (How does that even happen? One time I found one in my ding dang ear...Like, what the heck?)

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Membership Goals

20 Society Members!

The Secret Shoppe sticker price will be reduced from $4 to $3!

30 Society Members!!

The $12 sticker & magnet Darlings will now also get a pinback button!

40 Society Members!!!

A new membership option will be added. I was thinking that it would either be a sticker sheet or a window cling. I'll host a poll or something once we get closer to the goal.

Members Can Submit Their Pet Photos!

If you are a Darling Homebody Society Member you can email me your pet photos! Send them to darlinghomebody@gmail.com and let me know if you have any suggestions of a cute theme for them or if you want to be surprised by what I come up with. It does take a couple of months for it to be released as a sticker, just as a heads up. I do include a couple extra stickers for you and send you the digital art file so that you can get it printed however and wherever you want. Use it as a desktop background or put it on a coffee mug ( just don't sell it). Now check out these most regal honorary members and their sticker counterparts!