What is the Darling Homebody Shopping Network?

The Darling Homebody Shopping Network is our version of QVC and other TV shopping channels but WAAAAY more fun. It is a live stream event that occurs once or twice a year. Everything in the shop is 20% off (excluding the t-shirt section), we give out rewards for certain purchase amounts, unlock fun actions such as call-in trivia or eating hot sauce and I (Nicole) get to show off all the new products I've been working on for you guys.


-produced by Marsh Land Monster

When is the next one?

We always have one late November/early December and sometimes there is one in the spring depending on how busy we are.


  • Marsh Land Media Podcasts

    Marsh Land Media was founded by James McCollum as an affordable, quality alternative for local Chicago comedians, musicians, and podcasters to have their voice heard. Whether it's voice over, podcasting, or music, James' goal was to provide up and coming talent the means to have crisp, professional content at a fraction of the cost.
    ​It has grown into a small podcasting network centering around shows hosted by weirdos from an array of cultures. Including Mostly Speakin Sentai, This Movie's Gay, Formulaic and many more!
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    It’s time to Ranger Up with your hosts as they talk all things Power Rangers on the Four Eyed Radio Network with RANGER COMMAND POWER HOUR, a Power Rangers podcast. Find us on the Morphin’ Grid at www.rangercommand.com, @RangerCommandPH on Twitter, rangercommmandpowerhour on Instagram / Facebook, and consider becoming a Patron for cool perks at patreon.com/RangerCommandPH
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  • The Rom Complex Podcast

    Which came first, the romantic comedy or our messed up ways of thinking about love and relationships? Each week Sam Frontera and Shelby Schwieterman break down the romcom tropes that make their hearts sing and the ones that need to be tuned up. Listen to them talk about how these movies affected their relationships–for better and for worse.
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    Join Moe and Jeremy as they explore mankind's greatest mysteries! From alien abductions and crackpot conspiracies to murderous maniacs and mythical monsters, 'According To An Idiot' is your window to the weirdest wonders of the world!
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