About The Artist

Hello Darling...

If you don't already know, my name is Nicole (She/Her) and I live in Chicago with three hairy roommates, my cats Socks & Butter and my boyfriend James. The art that I make is usually either very cute or a little spooky and sometimes my weird sense of humor ends up showing through (especially with some of the item descriptions that I’ve been coming up with lately). It really just boils down to whatever inspires me and makes me excited to share with other people. I think the hardest part about transitioning from hobby to business was resisting the urge to just give everything away for free to people who shared my enthusiasm. Because that’s what keeps me going, the fact that other people can relate to and also find joy in what I create even though they weren’t actively a part of the creation process.

My goal is to one day live off of my art and I will keep trying until that dream comes true. Please join me in this journey, any amount of support makes a big difference!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in the past and to those who continue to support me. I am extremely grateful for every like, share, purchase, shout out and message of encouragement. You guys are the best and I am going to keep trying my hardest to improve and grow as an artist and a person.

All my love, 

Your resident Darling Homebody

-sent from my bathtub